What to expect

The day of surgery.

 Prior to entering the operating room, the patient will be approached by a specially-trained NeuroWatch IONM technologist. The patient is asked some simple questions about their symptoms and sometimes small gel-pad electrodes are applied to the wrists and ankles.
Once the patient has arrived in the operating room, the IONM technologist waits until they are asleep and ready for surgery. The IONM technologist then applies small subdermal electrodes to neuro-specific physiologic landmarks on the body. Baselines of neural data are acquired for all IONM modalities prior to surgery start. Those baselines are then used to compare all neural data recorded throughout the duration of the procedure. Your NeuroWatch technologist will communicate all of the IONM recordings to both the surgical team and to a team of remote, online physicians who also specialize in neurophysiology. Along with your NeuroWatch technologist, each patient also has a specialist physician connected to NeuroWatch's system- watching the IONM data in real-time. This protocol of oversight results in an unparalleled quality-control experience. This practice of physician-based oversight provides each patient with peace of mind and ensures that NeuroWatch exceeds expectations with every procedure perfomed.

IONM for spine surgery

Nerve Root EMG

Intraoperative EMG (electromyography) offers both real-time and triggered monitoring of spinal nerve functionality. Helps protect the spinal nerve roots from surgical irritation or displaced implants.

Sensory Evoked Potentials (SSEPs)

Utilizing SSEPs during surgery provides confirmation that nerves signals are flowing throughout the extremities to the posterior tracs of the spinal cord to the brain. SSEP monitoring can also help prevent injury due to poor positioning.

Motor Evoked Potentials (MEPs)

In surgery, an MEP recording measures for proper neural communication between the motor cortex of the brain and the extremities. Provides protection from possible traumatic surgical interventions.